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A Stance on Spanking

Conventional wisdom leads many adults to believe that spanking is an effective way to discipline children. At Think:Kids, we believe that a critical part of rethinking challenging kids is to rethink the ways in which we discipline children. We believe that any kind of physical violence directed at a child is ineffective, inhumane and harmful,

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When You Have the Most Important Job

Ablon and Perry to the Helpers: “You are more important than you think.” RVTS South in Oslo, Norway interviewed Dr. Bruce Perry and Dr. Stuart Ablon as part of their 2018 Children’s Conference in October. This interview is translated and excerpted from: RVTS Organization; Interview by Siri L. Thorkildsen Dr. Bruce Perry of The Child

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Can You Make Someone Want to Do Something?

Wish your teenager would do his homework or his chores just because it was important to him instead of because you bribed him to do it? Wish people on your sales team would strive for higher numbers not just when an incentive trip is dangled in front of their noses but just because they want

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