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How can teachers and administrators best address bullying in school?

Now that bullying-prevention programs are required in our schools, students who are the victims of bullying are finally getting the empathy and attention they deserve. The work, however, shouldn’t stop there. Behind most bullying programs is the fundamental assumption that students who bully are choosing to do so in order to get something they want

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Collaborative Problem Solving in the Workplace

Everyone has had that person at work whose behavior frustrates you. It might be your colleague, your boss, a report of yours or even your CEO. Difficult behavior in the workplace strains team dynamics, damages workplace morale and culture, and leads to enormous losses in productivity. If the behavior doesn’t cross the line into something

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The Blame Game

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Certified Trainer, Lauren Odum Tucker, Student Services Coordinator at United Methodist Family Services in Richmond VA shared the link to this story with us recently, Below are her thoughts on it: I’ve been stewing over the story on the other end of the link above and how I want to respond (other than just

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Class Dojo Phenomenon – Does it work?

Recently, the media (NBC, Today, The Wall Street Journal, NPR) has highlighted a quick and colorful way for teachers and parents to track student behavior through an online program. When we heard about it at Think:Kids we were intrigued.  For teachers and parents short on time (who isn’t?), with many expectations they need their child

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Jaceson’s Plan B Experience

Student background Felix is a 10 year old 5th grade Native American male student. Felix has a physical disability that causes him to miss school for medical appointments. He is an empathic student. Sensitive about his own disability, he recognizes suffering in others more easily. Felix has few friends, but is close to them as

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