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When You Have the Most Important Job

Ablon and Perry to the Helpers: “You are more important than you think.” RVTS South in Oslo, Norway interviewed Dr. Bruce Perry and Dr. Stuart Ablon as part of their 2018 Children’s Conference in October. This interview is translated and excerpted from: RVTS Organization; Interview by Siri L. Thorkildsen Dr. Bruce Perry of The Child

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When Children Say ‘I Can’t,’ but They Can, and Adults Know It

Jessica Lahey’s January 13th Parenting Blog post in the New York Times is an excellent example of what we call “conventional wisdom,” the common belief that when kids aren’t meeting our expectations, they are just trying to avoid something or get something. We get this message all the time, and it can make both kids and

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Welcome Efforts to Rethink School Discipline

A core part of our mission here at Think:Kids is to help schools rethink discipline, and to offer them a detailed approach to implement to achieve this goal.  We’re glad that we’re not alone in trying to facilitate and lead this mindset-shift.  Take a look at this article about work being done in some California

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