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CPS Helps Clinical Staff Problem-Solve During COVID

Clinicians Do Well (in the face of COVID-19) If They Can Guest blog by: Traci McCarty, LISW-S | Clinical Director at The Village Network, a multi-discipline behavioral health organization in Ohio. The COVID-19 crisis has demanded that we shift our practice in many ways, and staff have responded differently to those demands. I have found

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The Challenge of Viral Challenges

Listening to the other person’s perspective is a key ingredient in the Collaborative Problem Solving approach and in today’s digital era, listening to your child can help adults better understand some of the confusing, social pressures kids face online. With the rise of social media where web-based challenges can go viral and reach millions in an instant,

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Through Your Child’s Eyes

We know that one of the most powerful components of Collaborative Problem Solving is the understanding that comes with viewing children through the lens of “kids do well if they can.” We work very hard to help adults see the child’s perspective – broadly when we discuss lagging thinking skills and specifically during the first

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