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CPS Helps Clinical Staff Problem-Solve During COVID

Clinicians Do Well (in the face of COVID-19) If They Can Guest blog by: Traci McCarty, LISW-S | Clinical Director at The Village Network, a multi-discipline behavioral health organization in Ohio. The COVID-19 crisis has demanded that we shift our practice in many ways, and staff have responded differently to those demands. I have found

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Can You Make Someone Want to Do Something?

Wish your teenager would do his homework or his chores just because it was important to him instead of because you bribed him to do it? Wish people on your sales team would strive for higher numbers not just when an incentive trip is dangled in front of their noses but just because they want

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Why is it so Hard to Change Problem Behavior?

The answer is actually quite simple.  Our understanding of how to change problem behavior comes from our understanding of why the problem behavior exists in the first place. And our explanation for why people behave poorly is typically wrong! When someone doesn’t behave or perform as we would like them to, our default assumption is

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When Children Say ‘I Can’t,’ but They Can, and Adults Know It

Jessica Lahey’s January 13th Parenting Blog post in the New York Times is an excellent example of what we call “conventional wisdom,” the common belief that when kids aren’t meeting our expectations, they are just trying to avoid something or get something. We get this message all the time, and it can make both kids and

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One Family’s Journey with CPS

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This is a guest blog post by Certified Trainer, Randy Jones. Looking back I can now see that my families’ expedition into Collaborative Problem Solving actually began over two decades ago. My wife and I have provided services to those living with cognitive disabilities for over 20 years now. In the beginning we worked with

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