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Why Training Doesn’t Always Stick: Keys to Make Sure It Does

J. Stuart Ablon Ph.D. Changeable Science tells us why spray and pray training doesn’t work. I’ve spent the last 20 years traversing North America and beyond conducting trainings for all kinds of organizations. Some are one-day trainings, others intensive three-day workshops. When I started doing this, the field now known as implementation science didn’t even exist. But since

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The Challenge of Viral Challenges

Listening to the other person’s perspective is a key ingredient in the Collaborative Problem Solving approach and in today’s digital era, listening to your child can help adults better understand some of the confusing, social pressures kids face online. With the rise of social media where web-based challenges can go viral and reach millions in an instant,

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When Children Say ‘I Can’t,’ but They Can, and Adults Know It

Jessica Lahey’s January 13th Parenting Blog post in the New York Times is an excellent example of what we call “conventional wisdom,” the common belief that when kids aren’t meeting our expectations, they are just trying to avoid something or get something. We get this message all the time, and it can make both kids and

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