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A Stance on Spanking

Conventional wisdom leads many adults to believe that spanking is an effective way to discipline children. At Think:Kids, we believe that a critical part of rethinking challenging kids is to rethink the ways in which we discipline children. We believe that any kind of physical violence directed at a child is ineffective, inhumane and harmful,

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When Children Say ‘I Can’t,’ but They Can, and Adults Know It

Jessica Lahey’s January 13th Parenting Blog post in the New York Times is an excellent example of what we call “conventional wisdom,” the common belief that when kids aren’t meeting our expectations, they are just trying to avoid something or get something. We get this message all the time, and it can make both kids and

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Working with Preschoolers? Replace your Phonics Flash Cards with Plan B Flash Cards!

A new report out of the Clearinghouse on Early Education and Parenting provides an interesting distinction between “academic” versus “intellectual” goals in early education settings.  Under the definitions used in this report, academic goals are, for instance, learning to read, while intellectual goals are, for instance, learning to use reasoning to predict outcomes to existing

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