Clinical Services

Beginning August 1, 2019, Think:Kids will be shifting how we provide Collaborative Problem Solving© (CPS) clinical services at MGH.

In alignment with our mission and the mission of MGH as a teaching hospital, we will be partnering with the MGH Psychiatry Department so that all MGH Child and Adolescent Psychiatry trainees receive intensive training in Collaborative Problem Solving as a standard part of their training. As a result, however, we will no longer be providing direct clinical service through an independent Think:Kids clinic.

If you are interested in CPS outpatient clinical services, beginning in the fall of 2019 you can call the MGH Child Psychiatry Intake line at (617) 726-2725 and request to be set up with a training provider for CPS services*.

If you are seeking CPS outpatient clinical services sooner than the fall, click here to be taken to a list of individuals in the Boston area who are certified in CPS.

You can also attend one of our Collaborative Problem Solving Parent Groups which are facilitated by individuals formally certified in CPS. Please view a list of parent groups, including options for our families living in Massachusetts.

The following providers were previous Think:Kids clinicians and are currently accepting patients through individual private practices**:

Dr. Laura Benkov (978) 369-3517

Dr. Erin Hill

90 Canal St. 4th Floor Boston, MA 02114

*The MGH Child Psychiatry Outpatient Department receives a high volume of requests for services. We cannot guarantee availability at any given time.

**Providers in private practices may not take insurance but may be able to offer services using your insurance’s out-of-network benefits. Please contact your insurance company and/or the provider for more details.