CPS Parent Groups

Connecting with other like-minded adults to learn about the Collaborative Problem Solving® (CPS) approach can be an invaluable experience.  Our CPS Parent Groups provide much-needed support and access to resources. In many instances this alone, or in conjunction with additional training, enables parents to successfully implement Collaborative Problem Solving with their child.

If you’re putting the CPS approach to use with your child/partner, want to talk about your challenges and successes, or want to learn more about the approach a CPS Parent Group in your area can help answer questions, concerns, and provide the understanding you need to help your child develop the skills they need to be successful.

CPS Parent Groups are facilitated by individuals who are officially certified in the CPS approach, are professionally trained, and receive ongoing supervision from Think:Kids.

Join a CPS Parent Group


  • Tustin, CA
    Check back for future parent groups in Tustin, California facilitated  by Debra Ann Afarian who is CPS Certified. For more information, please call or email Debra Ann directly at: 714-695-1057 or email: dafarian@hbcc.us


  • Moodus/Old Saybrook, CT
    Check back for future parent groups in Connecticut facilitated by Divinna Schmitt, M.Ed who is CPS Certified. For more information, please call or email Divinna directly at: (860) 876-0236 or DivinnaCPS@comcast.net


  • Cedar Rapids, IA Check back for dates when a group will be facilitated by Erin Forbes, LMSW who is CPS Certified. For more information call (319) 286-4545 or email: eforbes@tanagerplace.org


  • Quincy, MA
    September 9 – September 30, 2019 
    CPS Parent Group, 4-weeks held on Mondays at 6PM at the Quincy Family Resource Center at 1120 Hancock Street- South Entrance, 1st Floor (off Johnson Ave) Quincy, MA 02169. Any population; all welcome. This group is facilitated by Linda M. Perry, MA who is CPS Certified. For specific information, call Linda Perry at (617) 750-1522, or email: lperry0181@comcast.net
  • Greater Boston Area
    CPS Parent Groups facilitated by CPS Certified Trainer, Karen Kraut, MA, MPH. Virtual coaching sessions for parents are available. For more specific information on dates, call (617) 710-9300, email: KarenKraut@gmail.com or visit: BeTheParentBoston.com


  • Saint Paul, MN Check back for parent groups facilitated by Ed Morales, LICSW  CPS Certified Trainer.  For more information on future dates in Minnesota, contact: ed@socorro.care


  • Online Parent Group
    Check back fro future online groups facilitated by Margaret Johnson, LMSW who is a CPS Certified Trainer. For parents and caregivers residing in the state of Oregon and SW Washington. For more information, contact: Elisa Ross (503) 346-1490, or email: cps@ohsu.edu
  • Bend, OR
    September 11 – October 30, 2019 CPS Parent Group, 8-weeks held on Wednesdays at 6PM at 230 NE 9th in Bend, Oregon. This group is facilitated by Shannon Pugerude, MA, CPS Certified Trainer.  Any population. Contact: (541) 419- 3324 or email: info@samaralearningcenter.org
  • Newberg, OR
    Check back for groups in Newberg, OR facilitated by Jan Urton who is CPS Certified.  For more information, call (503) 435-9107 or contact: urtonj@co.yamhill.or.us
  • Newport, OR
    July 16 – August 6, 2019: CPS Parent Group, 4-weeks, held on Tuesdays at 12:30PM at 122 NE 47th Street, Newport, OR. This group is facilitated by Signe Miller who is CPS Certified.  For more information, call (541) 505-2511 or contact: signe@ofsn.net
  • Portland, OR
    Check back for parent groups facilitated by Ted Layman,  LCSW, who is a CPS Certified Trainer.  For more information, call (503) 376-7114, ext. 6 or email: Ted@restoretherapypdx.com
  • Springfield, OR
    Check back for future parent support group dates in Springfield, Oregon is facilitated by Mark Beach, MS who is CPS Certified.  For more information, call (541) 726-1465 or contact: bbarkman@thechildcenter.org
  • Tigard, OR
    July 31 – August 21, 2019: CPS Parent Group, 4-weeks, held on Wednesdays at 5:45PM at Sky High Sports, 11131 SW Greenburg Rd, Tigard, Oregon. For parents of middle school and high school youth. This group is facilitated by Nancy M. Petit who is CPS Certified.  For more information, call (503) 383-6109  or email: nmpetit@yahoo.com


  • South Pomfret, VT
    Check back for parent groups facilitated by Jenifer Aldrich, who is a CPS Certified.  For more information call (603) 303-6337.


  • Ontario, Canada
    Check back for future parent group dates in Ontario, Canada. Facilitated by Marla Cameron,  M.Ed., C. Psych. Assocwho is a CPS Certified Trainer. To register, call (905) 691-7918 or email: cameronm@hdsb.ca


CPS Parent Group facilitators are certified by Think:Kids and receive ongoing supervision from Think:Kids. Information shared in CPS Parent Groups reflect the facilitator’s best understanding of the Collaborative Problem Solving® approach and are independent of Think:Kids/Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Psychiatry. Collaborative Problem Solving® is a registered trademark of the Massachusetts General Hospital and all training content is owned by Massachusetts General Hospital. All rights reserved