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We provide a range of resource, from clinicians, support groups to schools and treatment programs. We also offer online resources, book and videos described below.

Some parents find that Collaborative Problem Solving is an approach that they can use successfully on their own to help their child with behavioral challenges. Others find that our parent, groups, trainings, and materials help achieve their goals. However, you may find that you need more specific and individualized help to be successful.

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Online Introductory Training

Interested in learning more about the approach but can’t make it to an in-person training? Our online introductory training provides a foundation for professionals and parents interested in learning the evidence-based approach to understanding and helping children and adolescents with behavioral challenges called Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS). This online training serves as the prerequisite for our practitioner intensive training.
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Below you will find a link to the manual of our approach:

Treating Explosive Kids: The Collaborative Problem Solving Approach

By Ross W. Greene, Ph.D. and J. Stuart Ablon, Ph.D.

The first comprehensive presentation for clinicians of the groundbreaking approach, this book provides a detailed framework for effective, individualized intervention with highly oppositional children and their families. Many vivid examples and Q&A sections show how to identify the specific cognitive factors that contribute to explosive and noncompliant behavior, remediate these factors, and teach children and their adult caregivers how to solve problems collaboratively. The book also describes challenges that may arise in implementing the model and provides clear and practical solutions. Two special chapters focus on intervention in schools andin therapeutic/restrictive facilities. Click here if you want to purchase Treating Explosive Kids from Amazon.


Thanks to the generosity of friends of Think:Kids, Beverly Granoff and production by Surefire Music Group, we are fortunate to have recorded music written especially for parents and their kids. Click here to access the songs!

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Our Blog and Training Videos

There are all kinds of resources right here on our website to help you learn more about this new way of understanding and helping kids. You can read the Basics of our approach right here on the site. You can return to our blog for more advanced topics. We’re also pleased to offer online training videos right here as well.

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