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We provide a range of resources, from access to CPS-trained individuals, parent groups, to implementation information for schools, and treatment programs. We also offer online resources, books on the approach, and videos below.

Some families find that Collaborative Problem Solving is an approach that they can use successfully on their own to help their child with behavioral challenges. However, you may find that you need more specific and individualized help to be successful. If you are interested in our clinical services please visit our clinical services page.

Others find that our parent groups, trainings, and materials help achieve their goals.


Pollastri, Alisha, Ablon, J. Stuart, Hone, Michael (Eds.)

This book is the first to systematically describe the key components necessary to ensure successful implementation of Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) across mental health settings and non-mental health settings that require behavioral management.  This resource is designed by the leading experts in CPS and is focused on the clinical and implementation strategies that have proved most successful within various private and institutional agencies.  This latest Collaborative Problem Solving resource begins by defining the approach before delving into the neurobiological components that are key to understanding this concept.  Next, the book covers the best practices for implementation and evaluating outcomes, both in the long and short term.  The book concludes with a summary of the concept and recommendations for additional resources, making it an excellent concise guide to this cutting edge approach.

J. Stuart Ablon Ph.D, Alisha R. Pollastri Ph.D

A complete guide to a paradigm-shifting model of school discipline.  Disruptive students need problem-solving skills, not punishment.

Traditional school discipline is ineffective and often damaging, relying heavily on punishments and motivational procedures aimed at giving students the incentive to behave better. There is a better way.

Dr. Ablon and his co-author Dr. Pollastri have been working with schools throughout the world to refine the Collaborative Problem-Solving (CPS) approach, creating a step-by-step program for educators based on the recognition—from research in neuroscience—that challenging classroom behaviors are due to a deficit of skill, not will. This book provides everything needed to implement the program, including reproducible assessment tools to pinpoint skill deficits in areas like frustration tolerance and flexibility that are at the root of students’ challenging behaviors.

J. Stuart Ablon, Ph.D. 
Why is it so hard to change problem behavior—in our kids, our colleagues, and even ourselves? Conventional methods often backfire, creating a downward spiral of resentment and frustration, and a missed opportunity for growth. What if the thinking behind these old methods is wrong? What if people don’t misbehave because they want to, but because they lack the skills to do better? Or as renowned psychologist J. Stuart Ablon asks, what if changing problem behavior is a matter of skill, not will?

Based on more than twenty-five years of clinical work with juvenile offenders as well training parents, teachers, counselors and law enforcement, and supported by research in neuroscience, Changeable presents a radical new way of thinking about challenging and unwanted behavior — Collaborative Problem Solving — that builds empathy, helps others reach their full potential, and most of all really works.

With illuminating scientific evidence, remarkable success stories, and actionable insights, Changeable gives parents, teachers, CEOs and anyone interested in learning about why we behave the way we do a roadmap for helping people grow.

Reviews about Changeable:

“Changeable is a great book. Dr. Ablon addresses the most challenging aspect of human interaction – how to engage with another person to effectively help them change. This is the key task of a parent, coach, teacher, supervisor, therapist – just about any human-to-human interaction involves change. The clear and compelling way that Dr. Ablon outlines the Collaborative Problem Solving process will be a revelation. Using the principles outlined in Changeable will shift the way you understand and interact with others–and the impact may just change your life.”
–Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D., Senior Fellow, The ChildTrauma Academy, and bestselling author of The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog

“We’ve trained thousands of our staff in states across the country to use the Collaborative Problem Solving model as a way to reach children with the most severe emotional and behavioral problems–children who were simply unreachable before. It’s a clinical approach and parenting model, but we’ve also found the ideas and proven strategies of CPS can be applied anywhere there is a need to develop and grow people in a way that enhances skills. CPS has become an important staff development tool in addition to serving as one of our primary clinical approaches for helping thousands of children and families each year.”
–Patrick W. Lawler, CEO of Youth Villages

  • Treating Explosive Kids: The Collaborative Problem Solving Approach

By Ross W. Greene, Ph.D. and J. Stuart Ablon, Ph.D.

The first comprehensive presentation for clinicians of the groundbreaking approach, this book provides a detailed framework for effective, individualized intervention with highly oppositional children and their families. Many vivid examples and Q&A sections show how to identify the specific cognitive factors that contribute to explosive and noncompliant behavior, remediate these factors, and teach children and their adult caregivers how to solve problems collaboratively. The book also describes challenges that may arise in implementing the model and provides clear and practical solutions. Two special chapters focus on intervention in schools andin therapeutic/restrictive facilities. Click here if you want to purchase Treating Explosive Kids from Amazon.

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