Flawless Board Members with Dr. Stuart Ablon & Hala Khouri

Holistic Approaches to Address Baehavior Challenges with Children

Flawless Foundation 

Over the past few years, we have been really excited to observe the natural growth of  our work in partnership with other organizations. For example, Dr. Ablon has been co-presenting with child psychiatrist and international trauma expert, Dr. Bruce Perry, on synthesizing our approaches. They just presented together at the Oregon Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Conference with over 350 people in attendance.

Another related area of interest is the emerging brain research around mindfulness and yoga. If an adult is able to self regulate and be grounded and centered, they are much better able to use our approach and maintain the mindset that kids do well if they can”. To this end, Dr Ablon presents at “Holistic Approaches to Addressing Children with Behavior Challenges” sponsored by The Flawless Foundation next week with Trauma and Mindfulness Expert Hala Khouri at Bank Street College of Education.

Our work in New York has really taken off and Dr. Ablon is excited to return to Bank Street College of Education for the second time this year to help parents, mental health professionals, educators and yoga service professionals implement holistic approaches to working with children with behavioral challenges.

Read about the event.

*Feature image was taken at the event. Flawless Board Members with Dr. Stuart Ablon & Hala Khouri