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The Most Important Back to School Supply

The one thing everyone needs this school year. As schools across the country open their doors to our children, we hear a lot about back to school supplies – binders, notebooks, mechanical pencils, graph paper, calculators, maybe even a lock to keep things safe in lockers. I know it was one of my favorite rituals

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Charter Schools Do Well if They Can!

Lots in news lately about rates of suspension in charter schools. We have a window into this issue due to collaboration with several networks of charter schools in NYC and beyond. Historically, the “no excuses” emphasis in these schools may have seemed to foster a focus on academic rigor that contributed to impressive gains in

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Train your Brain

Cognitive training programs are all the rage lately with claims that they improve all kinds of executive functions. Given the link between executive functioning skills deficits and challenging behavior, you can imagine that we here at Think:Kids have been quite interested in this topic. We favor skills training approaches that are relational, naturalistic and experiential

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