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One Family’s Journey with CPS

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This is a guest blog post by Certified Trainer, Randy Jones. Looking back I can now see that my families’ expedition into Collaborative Problem Solving actually began over two decades ago. My wife and I have provided services to those living with cognitive disabilities for over 20 years now. In the beginning we worked with

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Working with Preschoolers? Replace your Phonics Flash Cards with Plan B Flash Cards!

A new report out of the Clearinghouse on Early Education and Parenting provides an interesting distinction between “academic” versus “intellectual” goals in early education settings.  Under the definitions used in this report, academic goals are, for instance, learning to read, while intellectual goals are, for instance, learning to use reasoning to predict outcomes to existing

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Resolve to Problem Solve

Looking for a New Year’s Resolution that you can keep and that will bring peace to your whole family in 2015?  Why not resolve to problem solve?  When your child asks for something, instead of automatically saying “no”, say “What’s up?.”  When you are dreading asking your child to do something, instead of threatening removal

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Charter Schools Do Well if They Can!

Lots in news lately about rates of suspension in charter schools. We have a window into this issue due to collaboration with several networks of charter schools in NYC and beyond. Historically, the “no excuses” emphasis in these schools may have seemed to foster a focus on academic rigor that contributed to impressive gains in

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“How long will it take to get better?”

“How long will it take to get better?” It’s a question we here at Think:Kids are asked all the time. In the moment of crisis, parents and kids alike “just want it to stop.” The agony experienced day-to-day is real and continued exposure to challenging situations can wear down the resources of any family. The

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