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The NBC News Report On Calm Rooms Featuring Dr. Ablon

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Here it is! The NBC News report on calm rooms featuring Dr. Ablon stating that there are “proven alternatives.”

Massachusetts DOE wants to hear YOUR thoughts on seclusion and restraint in schools.

Back in May, we blogged about a possible federal ban on seclusion and restraint in schools. (See that post, which includes a lot of information about why this initiative is important, by clicking here.) We are thrilled to see that changing regulations related to seclusion and restraint is getting both federal and state attention. In

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Dr. Ablon on Ask the Doctor

Dr. Ablon was recently asked to participate in NAMIs’ Ask the Doctor program. Click below to listen to a recording of Dr. Ablon introducing the approach and then taking questions from parents and clinicians.  

Power Over vs Power With?

Some interesting thoughts from an NPR article   about the implications of what we are beginning to learn about mirror neurons for one’s capacity to empathize. When teaching CPS to adults, we find that the more one surrenders a “power over” mentality, the easier it becomes to experience true empathy. Empathy may be the most

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Setting Realistic Expectations During the Holidays…

The Christmas holiday is just a few weeks away! This can be a particularly challenging time for our families. Being proactive and setting realistic expectations for you and your child are the keys to creating an enjoyable holiday. Here are some specific suggestions that might be helpful: 1. Review your Thinking Skills Inventory noting the

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