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How can teachers and administrators best address bullying in school?

Now that bullying-prevention programs are required in our schools, students who are the victims of bullying are finally getting the empathy and attention they deserve. The work, however, shouldn’t stop there. Behind most bullying programs is the fundamental assumption that students who bully are choosing to do so in order to get something they want

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Incentives in Schools: Who are they helping?

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A recent piece featured on NPR draws public attention to new research looking at the impact of incentive programs on kids’ school attendance rates. The paper, released by economists at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, looked at the attempt to motivate kids to show up more. After a short burst of increased

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Charter Schools Do Well if They Can!

Lots in news lately about rates of suspension in charter schools. We have a window into this issue due to collaboration with several networks of charter schools in NYC and beyond. Historically, the “no excuses” emphasis in these schools may have seemed to foster a focus on academic rigor that contributed to impressive gains in

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A Natural Fix for ADHD?

Recent research sheds some additional light on the “real” problem of ADHD- that is, when a child who’s wired for novelty-seeking is placed in an environment that’s regimented, structured, and lacks the level of complexity they are biologically prepared to manage, there becomes a problem. The result is problematic. But, what’s the solution? In his

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Is Your Late-Sleeping Teen Just Lazy?

“My daughter avoids her weekend chores by sleeping the whole weekend away; I can’t get her up before noon!” “My son stays up ‘til all hours playing video games or texting his friends, then can’t wake up for school in the morning! I end up having to yell and threaten him just to get him

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