Think:Kids Biennial CPS Conference
October 14, 2017

Call for Submissions

All proposals MUST be submitted to Think:Kids by March 15, 2017 in order to be considered for the Think:Kids 2017 CPS Conference Program.

Thank you for preparing a proposal for the Think:Kids 2017 CPS Conference in Boston, MA. As part of our proposal submission, please provide a detailed outline of your proposed session, as well as some information about the intended audience.

Notifications regarding your proposal status will be sent by April 30, 2017. Thank you in advance for your thoughtful proposals.
  • Titles should briefly identify the content and audience. Session titles should be self-explanatory and clearly reflect the session content. (100 character maximum).
  • Presenter(s)

    Each presenter should be prepared to:

    - Confirm contact information
    - Write a short biography detailing their experience with CPS
  • Please check the Target Audiences for whom your session is intended:
  • Please select the Content Focus Area most applicable to your topic.
  • Is the content of this proposal geared towards participants with advanced levels of training in CPS?
  • Please enter your session abstract. If your proposal is accepted, it will appear in the promotional materials.

    Abstracts should clearly and concisely identify what will be presented, who the target audience should be, and the delivery format (i.e., presentation, group discussion, group activity). Please write your abstract in the present tense.
  • Please indicate whether you will need technology for your session (projector, whiteboard, etc). If not required, please enter "N/A"
  • Please indicate what other materials you will need for your session.
  • Questions?

    Contact Jennifer Tierney at or (617) 643-9331.