Certification Programs


CPS Certification Program

We are delighted to offer clinicians, educators, and other professionals dedicated to helping challenging kids and their families the opportunity to become certified in the Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) approach. This document provides an overview of the certification program, and describes the associated costs. The CPS certification program begins with an initial application. All applicants must have completed CPS Tier 1 and Tier 2 training within the last three years prior to applying. If accepted into the program, participants then receive intensive training that includes both group and individual supervision, as well as individualized written and verbal feedback. Our aim is to help individuals move through the certification program within one-year. To maintain certification status, participants are required to participate in annual recertification.

Our June class is currently full.

We are accepting applications for our October class with a submission deadline of July 31, 2017.

All participants must complete the first four steps of the certification program to become certified. These four steps include:

  1. Participating via web in 14 or 16 weekly group supervision sessions (number of sessions is dependent on the size of the group)
  2. Submitting atleast 2 recordings of a Plan B conversation (written feedback needs to be received for each recording prior to the next submission).
    Please note: Pending participants’ individual progress, members of the Certification Team may request additional recordings to ensure fidelity to the CPS model.

    • Recordings must include the following:
      • Plan B conversations with a child or adult who is identified as the client
  3. Completing two (2) 1:1 Live Coaching Calls
  4. Completing a written quiz which we will send to you once the above three steps have been completed.

After the successful conclusion of these steps, participants become CPS Certified Practitioners and have access to our Parent Training Curriculum.

Participants who become CPS Certified Practitioners and who want to formally coach and train others in CPS, can then apply to proceed further in hopes of becoming a CPS Certified Trainer. The application to become a CPS Certified Trainer involves conducting and recording a 2-hour presentation using our training materials and then submitting this recording, as well as audience evaluations, for review. Please email Jennifer Tierney for the instructions and materials. If accepted into the CPS Certified Trainer program, applicants then provide another two-hour overview training, assist in a Tier 1 alongside two Certified Trainers, and lastly conduct a full-day Introductory Training on their own. If deemed necessary, an additional two-hour overview may be requested after the first one is provided. Successful completion of all three steps is required to become a Certified Trainer.

Once certified as a CPS Trainer, participants have access to all official training materials for both introductory and Tier 1 trainings.

Please note: We ask that all applicants wait to hear back regarding their admission before scheduling any training sessions. Training materials and decks are to be used solely to complete certification requirements and steps and should not be shared, used, or replicated for other training purposes. Misuse of training materials could impact certification eligibility and completion of the track.

Please complete and submit the application form below. Within one week of submitting this application form, you will receive further instructions via e-mail on how to upload all other required documentation (video, photo, and completed Plan B forms).

Apply to our Certification Program here!

*If you are a parent interested in our Certification Program you are welcome to apply. Please contact thinkkidscertification@partners.org if you have any questions.

Pay for your Application Fee here

If you are a Certified Practitioner and would like to apply to the Certified Trainer program click here. If you entered the Certification Program prior to October 2014 and need to make a payment please contact Jennifer Tierney at thinkkidscertification@partners.org.

Site Certification Track

Has your entire school or treatment facility been using CPS with high fidelity? Is your entire organization dedicated to using the Collaborative Problem Solving approach to better understand and help challenging kids and their families? The Think:Kids Site Certification Track offers an opportunity for schools, treatment facilities, youth detention centers, and multi-service agencies to engage in a site-wide fidelity assessment and quality improvement program with Think:Kids leadership. The Site Certification process is for sites that have already had intensive training and have been implementing CPS for at least one year. The process involves a self-study; review of agency documentation, interview, and written feedback by Think:Kids; individualized coaching; and an optional intensive site-visit by a Think:Kids visiting team. This process is tailored to the needs of your agency with the primary goal of improving fidelity to the CPS approach, thereby improving outcomes for the children and families you serve. Sites that meet initial fidelity and quality criteria will be designated Think:Kids Associate Sites. Sites that meet full fidelity and quality criteria will be designated as Think:Kids Certified Sites. If you are interested in learning more about the Site Certification Track, please  email us for more information regarding the steps and costs. Still not sure if your site is ready to apply for the Site Certification Track? Click here to find out.