CPS Training for Systems & Schools

Interested in training your staff in Collaborative Problem Solving® (CPS)?
Drawing from over a decade of experience helping hundreds of systems implement CPS, Think:Kids staff provide individualized training and consultation services that are tailored to each program’s needs. We offer onsite training and video-conference consultation services to systems such as schools, hospitals, residential programs, and other setting wishing to implement the CPS approach as their model of care. All services are customized to your training needs, goals, and project budget. In keeping with our model, we are a strong believer in creating collaborations and partnerships so that together we can transform the way challenging kids are understood and treated in various setting. Think:Kids remains closely involved with all of our clients as we aim to maximize the impact that our services have on your program.

In our experience, shifting the culture of an entire system while implementing a highly individualized model of care challenges the system, and puts all aspects of it under a microscope. As a result, a comprehensive training and consultation plan is necessary to achieve successful and sustainable implementation. This process typically involves a combination of entire staff training, ongoing consultation / supervision, and more intensive Certification training for leaders of the change process in the system. Time, patience and commitment from leadership are pre-requisites to successful change in the system.

Interested in training your staff in CPS? Contact us!

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What to expect when you contact us:

Getting to know your program

Think:Kids is focused on your needs from the start. Through an initial conference call with one of our consultants we aim to learn as much as possible about your program, objectives, current knowledge of CPS, and goals for implementing the approach.

Needs Analysis

Based on our assessment of your program’s needs, Think:Kids works with you to identify the type of trainings and supervision that will generate the greatest likelihood for success when implementing the CPS model. We then identify Think:Kids staff whose background and expertise is best suited to your setting and staff culture. The information we gather is solidified into a proposal presented for your organization’s review and approval. The proposal includes the following:

  • suggested scope and timing of trainings
  • frequency and duration of recommended supervision / consultation
  • proposed evaluation measures
  • suggested term for services
  • fees for services

Once an agreement is reached, our contract specialist will work with you to draft a contract specifying the terms and fees.

Follow Up

After the contract term is complete, we will evaluate how effective the services were for your organization and if additional training and supervision is recommended. Most systems see significant progress after one year of implementation and find that fully sustainable implementation requires 3-5 years as most systemic changes do.

Interested in training your staff in CPS? Contact us!
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