CollegeWorks: #1 Cash Back Rewards Program of All Time

With over  2,000 stores and counting 800+ Sales Per Week! , CollegeWorks is the most rewarding We Love Our Members! shopping portal on the market.


Your Financial Success Starts with CollegeWorks

The CollegeWorks Card is a revolutionary debit card that is powered by the patented QuantumCash Multiplied Rewards system.  The CollegeWorks Card enables students to use social networks to enroll friends and family as Card Members. By doing so, students earn cash back rewards on the spending of everyone in their Social Universe whenever they shop with participating merchants or through the QuantumCash shopping portal, Earning Social.

Is this a pyramid scheme? No, way! CollegeWorks uses technology called a S.T.A.C. – a Socially Targeted Affinity Community – to tag your referrals to you in a database. Referring others can be as easy as posting a link to the shopping portal on your social networking sites. You already do this all the time, now you can get paid for it! : )

Wonderful Stores & Counting
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Too Much Debt to Handle

College students in America are facing a debt crisis. They are accruing debt to earn a degree and face an uncertain future in the job market. On average, students with debt carry $26,600 at graduation.  Collectively, students and graduates owe more than
$1 Trillion for college loans.



Members earn cash rewards on an entire Social Universe of Card Members, not just their own shopping.

Every time someone shops through the QuantumCash shopping portal, the student or university who referred them, earns cash rewards.

We call this Multiplied Rewards®.



Incredible Features: The Proof Is In The Pudding

Students can simply refer others to shop through the portal instead of going directly to the merchant. They will earn a percentage of the rewards for each person they refer to shop through the portal. All rewards are paid to the student through the CollegeWorks Card, a secure, reloadable debit card.




Benefits to Students

  • Students can leverage their social networks to generate income while in school.
  • Students can use this money to pay down debt and achieve peace of mind.

Benefits to Parents

  • Parents and relatives who shop can benefit their students by participating, plus they can earn Multiplied Rewards, also.
  • Parents can also advance money to their student securely.

Benefits to Universities

  • University can build residual revenue streams to offset increasing costs and flat-lined tuition rates.
  • University can generate positive PR as a dynamic leader in the effort to reduce student debt.

Download the CollegeWorks brochure for University Partnerships

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Earn more than you spend

  • Reloadable debit card

  • Secure transactions

  • Growing network of merchants

  • More University partners

  • Reduce student debt

  • Improve job outlook

  • Create jobs

  • Economic engine locally, regionally and nationally

  • Targeted shopping groups

  • Excellent advertising opportunities